Apr. 30, 2007

Custom Birthday Invitations

A service we offer at Penny People Designs is our "custom design" service for invitations. If you don't see something offered on our online store that would be suitable for your occasion, we encourage you to let us know! Since everything in our studio is (a) designed by us and (b) printed by us, we have the luxury of being able to work with our clients to tweak, and modify existing designs - as well as create new ones - not shown on the site.

We wanted to feature this design that we just finished for a client that needed a 30th Birthday Invitation. She and her husband were combining 30th Birthdays, and playfully were calling it a 60th Birthday Party.

As some background - We work with clients to see what the theme of the event is, and create an invitation together that will be perfect. In this case, she sent us an e-mail with details about her and her husband, (How many kids they have, how long they had been married...) and we thought this "Numbers" Theme would be great ... and so did she! A few rounds of proofs later .... VOILA! We have a winner. It's come off the press today and will be in her hands shortly.


  1. glad to see that our invitation made your blog. LOVE it and can't wait for our guests to see it!

  2. Hi Erin! I *obviously* love the design we collaborated on together! I had to post it!! Thanks again!

  3. That is an adorable card and a GREAT idea for a party. Nice work!


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