Apr. 24, 2007

Ideas & Feedback...

Sometimes when I write to companies with suggestions or feedback, I sometimes wonder I'm getting the standard... "Thank you for your feeback"....e-mail. Since we started Penny People Designs in 2004, we've been fortunate to have clients that provide us with ideas and feedback. We sometimes can't implement all ideas, basically out of pure logistics, but all of the ideas are saved, and we revist them on a constant basis. Some of our best designs have come from ideas that our clients propose to us.

When we were at the Babytime show a few weekends ago, one of our customers stopped by the booth and approached one of our team members and mentioned that they thought we should move our logo, that is on the back of our correspondence cards, down some more, as they wanted more space to write. When my associate told me about this comment - I nodded - this customer was 100% right...as someone who writes letters (a lot) I could see their point. When we returned from the show, we immediately implemented the change and now the logo - on the back of the correspondence card - are all at the bottom on the reverse of the card, instead of in the middle - this gives you more room to write!

I unfortunately don't know who to thank for this feedback, but I did want to let our customers know that we love feedback, and every idea that comes our way is thoughtfully considered, and saved for future ideas.

Thank you for all of your feedback, help, and suggestions. Keep it coming!

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