Apr. 19, 2007

Mommy Calling Cards

A few months ago we started receiving quite a number of e-mails, asking for "Mommy Calling Cards". What a sweet idea! The concept behind these cards is to hand out one of your personalized cards if you meet someone in a playgroup, or on a playdate. These calling cards have your name, your childs name, and your contact information. I thought it would also be a fabulous idea to make these cards even MORE useful, to put potential allergies, or conditions that your child may have. These "business cards" are also great to hand out, in my mind, to babysitters. It's a great way for them to have your name, as well as your childs names & ages so they can have your information on file - including emergency contact information if they are babysitting.

We've been offering these cards for a few months now, and due to the popularity we've added some new designs.

Mommy Calling Cards -- 100 Cards, $65.00 Canadian, Available online at PennyPeople.com

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