May 16, 2007

Mommy Calling Cards

With summer around the corner, you're going to be at the park more often, and meeting other Yummy Mommies and Daddies who may be fast friends! But alas - how do you exchange digits in a Mommy World? Enter "Mommy & Daddy Calling Cards".

Commonly called "Mommy Calling Cards" these business card sized calling cards to have any information you'd like on them. We first heard about them when a number of our clients requested them, and we think they are pretty darn cute. The premise behind these cards is simple, they are like your own modern-day calling card, but with all the information that is necessary for being a busy Mom or Dad - Phone Numbers, Cell phones, e-mail -

Some tips on information to have on the cards:

Tip #1 -- Your home phone & cell number
Why? You drop off the little munchkin and head out for an hour for some power shopping of errands. If the "babysitter" needs you, they pull out your card from their pocket and voila! They can reach you.

Tip #2 -- Allergies & Health Conditions
Why? If your little one is allergic to nuts, bees, or brocolli, make sure the person who is with your child knows.

Tip # 3 -- E-Mail Address
Why? Let's face it - sometimes the phone is kind of hard to handle when you have little munchkins who take top priority. That's why e-mail is so sweet, e-mail at 2:00AM to confirm a playdate and don't worry about calling during their dinner time.

$65.00 per 100 at
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Other tips: You can split the order into 2 different designs if you'd like, so split the cost with a friend, or cater to your creative side and have more than 1 design and information.

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  1. What a clever and fabulous idea! I can hardly wait to have kids now! haha :)


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