May 28, 2007

We loved Chocolat before, but now we LOOOVE it

What a wonderful suprise it was when I opened up Chocolat Magazine and found this on the very back page! We were one of Chantel Simmon's things "she loves best". Now, I wont lie, I hugged the magazine for a few minutes. A little birdie gave us the heads up, and I RAN to the Indigo at Yonge & Eglinton to go find a copy. I also forgot that hubby bought me a subscription, so now I have TWO magazines to hug. Sweet bliss.
You must check out Chantel's debut book, Stuck in Downward Dog. I'm going to pick it up for when we take a few weeks vacation as we lie on a dock, and dream of new paper designs.

Thank you to our amazing clients who do pass along our name, it's a honour to be recommended.
Lindsay & Team

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  1. I adore your stationery, so it's so nice to see it in magazines. Keep up the amazing designs.


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