Jun. 18, 2007

Double The Fun - Creating Twin Invitations

Question of the Month: "Do you offer Twin Invitations"
Answer: Yes, and No. But you'll like the description....You will not see a Twin Invitation Design on PennyPeople.com. However, YES we do Twin Invitations.

Details: All of our invitations at PennyPeople.com are customizable with endless oppertunities. We can add an additional character to any of the existing designs, at no extra cost. This means that ALL of the designs offered PennyPeople.com can be turned into a Twin Invitation. This means more selection for you (instead of a few twin specific invitations).

All you need to do is find an invitation you like, and find an additional character on PennyPeople.com to put with the other character. We've shown an example below. The original is offered on PennyPeople.com, and the one beneath it is of a client adding another Toddler to the design. Click here for the full details on how to place a Twin Invitation Order.

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