Jul. 6, 2007

Tip! How to be the Queen of Etiquette

Tip: Keep your desk stocked with stationery. You'll be the Queen of Ettiquette...trust me!
A post from Lindsay, Owner of Penny People Designs

Its probably happened to you. A friend invites you over for an impromptu event at his/her home, and the evening is fabulous. A friend bakes cupcakes and brings over a few extra for you to devour. Moments like these, and many more, happen to everyone. They are moments when after it happens, you smile, because someone has made you feel special. Moments like these deserve a thank you note. In our fast paced lives, it's easier to sit down at your desk and write an e-mail to say thank you, but what I try to encourage is instead of an e-mail, is to send a letter in the mail. Think about the time that the other person put into doing something for you - and try to recriprocate the feeling that you had, when the good deed was done, with a personal note.

I'm the type of person that if I don't do something right away (such as write a thank you note), I'll probably forget which is why I have always needed to be stocked on stationery. Here are some of my tips for how to be the Queen (or King!) or Ettiquette.

Here are some tips:

Tip # 1: When to write a card:
Write a note of thanks as quickly as you can. I personally try to do it in less than a week. I'd personally love to be able to tell you that within 24 hours a thank you card is written and sent, but I'll be honest, and tell you that a week is usually when get them out.

Tip # 2: Have Addresses Handy, or do Canada411
My household has an excel sheet on file with everyones addresses on it. (My husband set it up, so I'm not taking credit) Don't have one set up? Do what I do...Go to Canada411.com and do a reverse phone number look up - you can find your friends address usually that way!

Tip#3: Have Cards always on hand
I wont stress it enough - if you have cards on hand, you will be 100%* more likely to write a card, than if you had to go buy some after a reason came up to actually write a card. Keep some on hand, and you'll always have a reason to use them. My tip: Correspondence Cards are the best size as they are the perfect size for quick notes.

Tip # 4: Stamps
Always have some on hand. You write the card, seal it, and then it sits on your desk for a month because you keep forgetting to buy stamps. I've done it. I'm not ashamed. But I learnt my lesson.

Tip #5: Pens
This may be silly to some, but I'm a Pen fanatic. I love the look of flowing black ink on beautiful paper. I will search the house for an hour (no joke) just to find my favourite pen that I've left around the house. Now I keep one in my stationery area just for the occasions.

And there you have it - some pretty easy tips on how to be the Godess of Etiquette.

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  1. Very useful tips. Making a reserve is the key for simplifying your life. You often sit down to write a thank you note at night after the stores are closed. I also keep a few blank cards for birthdays and one or two new baby cards. They always come handy.


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