Jan 17, 2008

Custom Programs

2 sided full colour handouts for your programs are a modern & trendy take on the traditional folding programs. Here is an example of a custom design we did for a client doing a destination wedding. When our client was looking for something their guests to have at the beach ceremony, we though that instead of folding programs (which will blow and be hard to hold if the weather is windy by the water during the ceremony) the heavy stock 2 sided programs not only are stunning, but practical...not to mention very chic.

Cost $1.75 each for 150 - full colour, 2 sides
Size shown 4 x 6 size
Contact us to discuss your custom design*

*Custom designs are not considered extra, we provide our design service free of charge with purchase.

1 comment:

  1. And these are exactly what I was looking for a couple who wish to do the reception on the beach!!!
    You are great dear!


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