Feb. 20, 2008

A small post about "all things small"

A different post for today!

A friend of mine has opened her own Etsy shop called "All Things Small" filled with beautiful creations that I just adore. I'm waiting for the day when I have a little one that I can buy these beautiful pieces for. I thought I would share her store with you - as if you're like me, you're going to fall in love with her creations. Perhaps you have a little one, or know someone who does - one of these little creations would be perfect as a gift!



  1. So cute! It's so nice to support independant & creative people like this shop - and of course our favourite stationery store - PennyPeople!

  2. I am a cat person but I find her "Spot the sock dog puppy" adorable. I like to shop on etsy; it is such a great market place.


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