Mar. 9, 2008

Recap of a week

One delight that I have in running Penny People Designs is that we're able to design & produce 99% of all of our products in our studio. In mid 2007 we decided to outsource our printing of Wedding & Bar&Bat Mitzvah Invitations to help with printing speed and more options for colour coverage. We've unfortunately had a pretty poopy experience with some orders that have come back from our printer. Yes, I said poopy.

Soooo.....Why am I mentioning this? We're now going ahead with a new standard protocol to send our clients, prior to ordering, a paper and print sample so that clients can touch & feel the paper prior to ordering. Sometimes clients need orders right away, so sometimes this isn't possible, but if you have time, and want to get a feel for the style of invitation if you need a Wedding or Bar or Bat Mitzvah, shoot us an e-mail. We'll send you a sample in the mail.

We're hoping that a good thing comes from a bad experience with this last printer - such as finding this new super-dooper printer. What else happened this week? I was driving with my window open in my little Mini Cooper and a car drove by me and hit a puddle and I got soaked. It was out of a movie. I had to pull over - I didn't know if I should laugh, or cry - I went with a little laughter.

I wanted to post a personal note as I personally like knowing that there are people behind companies. Running a business is great fun, and when one encounters road blocks (or icky-poo printer experiences) we have to learn from what happens and develop changes. So 2 things we learnt this week - Change printers for our Wedding invitations and lesson # 2 is to drive with your windows closed when there are puddles.

;) Lindsay


  1. What a bad week! But as always, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonde. You always seem to have positive outlooks, which is why your business is so super!

  2. We loved our Bar Mitzvah Invitations that you did for us - and our friends that recommended you to us loved their order as well, so I'm sure you'll find a great new printer for these invites!
    -Carol (Mom to Jeremy)


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