May 7, 2008

So you wanna' be a Penny Person?

Here's your chance! Send us your favourite picture, or a picture of your favourite outfit.
We'll narrow it down to the top submissions. We'll then post the submissions on our Blog and the most number of votes a design gets, is the winner!

You will be imortalized as a Penny Person, it will be named after you and offered to the world on We'll also send you a set of FREE Note Cards to launch the design! Send us a picture of you, or your little one that would inspire a new design of a Penny People character to be offered on Toddlers, Adults, it's open to anyone! If selected you will receive 12 NoteCards of this design FREE!

How to Enter:
E-mail us before May 30th to with the following information:
(a) Your name
(b) Why you want to be a Penny Person (beacuse, um, it's COOL!)
(c) A picture of either an outfit from a website that is like what you, or your toddler would wear.(d) City where you live

We will narrow it down to the top submissions, and post them on our Blog for Penny People readers, and your friends to vote!

One winner will be selected and notified via e-mail. Winner will receive 12 free NoteCards. Your first name will be used to announce the winner when we promote the card. Photograph may be used on to announce winner.

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  1. Good morning ! i adore your design..;-) but this you already know!


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