Jun. 1, 2008

The Matrimonial Mishap - Oh My!

How excited was I when I got an e-mail, and then phone calls from friends asking me if I knew that my hubby and I were in the North Toronto post this month? Pretty darn excited. I love the North Toronto post, and was pretty elated when I saw a full page article about my hubby and I, and the mention of Penny People. And I obviously drove around looking for a NTP box at midnight, zipping around in our little Mini, trying to find ourselves a copy. I should have just gone to my Moms house - there it was proudly on the Kitchen island. ;) I giggled at the headline; "The matrimonial Mishap." It sounds as if we didn't mean to get married. How scandalous! (The reality is that our marriage liscence didnt make it to the ceremony). If you're in Toronto, you can pick yourself up a copy and read the whole story. ;)

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