Jul. 19, 2008

Picking Fonts for your stationery

We're often asked "What font & font colour would look best?"
Choosing the right font is a personal choice, and so we recommend to trust your instincts as to which fonts stand out to you most from our selections, this being said - take into consideration the product that you are designing, and the font you choose may have to change.

Our Personalized Address Labels are a great example of picking a font that is suitable for the product. You may love the "So Cute" Font on your stationery (this font is very cursive) but we dont recommend this font on address labels because of the size of the labels. The reason for return address labels is to yes, add a hit of trend and colour to your envelope - but keep in mind it's functionality - the post office box has to be able to read the label if it has to get sent back to you. Cursive fonts don't show up well when they are made small for labels or stickers.
Below we've shown the same address label but the top is written in "So Cute" and the bottom is shown in "Oh-la-la". You can see how the top label, although cute, isnt that clear. The bottom label is also cute - but a lot more legible.
Our rule of thumb is that if the product you are ordering has SMALL text, always go for the most legible fonts, and the darkest colours. Fonts that are cursive, and light in colour dont show up well when they have to be printed on small items.

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