Sep. 17, 2008

What to do before the snow falls

Holiday Prep

I was driving my little Mini to the car hospital the other day. (Mini's are so tiny that big cards like Land Rovers don't see my little car & bump into her) and I started thinking of last Christmas and all the things that I always wish I did, before it got really busy. So I made a quick list in my head.
What made me want to share it with you is because the top thing on my list, that I ALWAYS wish I had done before the snow fell....

Top of the List, of things I wish I did before it got busy...

I should really get up to date addresses for all of my friends and family, and put it all into a spreadsheet, or a fancy address book like this one from
It makes it SO much easier when it comes time to send our Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year cards. It also avoids my panicked e-mails to friends asking them for their address...ASAP.

So, anyways, here are my other 2 must do's before snow comes...

2.) Get a new jacket.
Perhaps my husband will read this, and bring me over to Holts to pick up one of Smythes gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS jackets that I've been coveting for a year now. Problem is, when you need the winter jacket - all of the stores are sold out of decent looking ones, or decently sized ones.

3.) I need new boots.
Yes, I do. And my old Uggs leak. I dont know why I would get another pair of Uggs, but they are so frikkin' comfy. Again, unless you buy them now, everyone will be sold out of the size 10 boots that I need. I have mammoth feet - but apparently lots of other people do as well, as this is one of the first sizes to sell out. Grr.


  1. I agree with you on the Winter Jacket - by the time you need one, no one has any left.
    I definitely think you should get that jacket!

  2. Life is too short not to have that jacket!

  3. I am a complete dork and I LOVE that little address book in the pic. What is it? I need one of those to backup my addresses as my computer died last year and with it went all my contacts!! It's always nice to have paper copies of things like that. :)


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