Oct. 29, 2008

A,B,C ... Alphabet Print

Alphabet Print

We just did a test run of a huge print (13x19") for a client. I just had to take a picture. I wish I had a frame around the studio that would fit this so I could show you what it looked like framed. I may have to make up two for myself, one with my name and the other with my husbands. How cute would that be? My stumbling block is "framing" so if anyone has suggestions on where they get their frames from, I'd love to hear...
And excuse my feet - I have a thing for sticking them in photos ackwardly. :)

I adore this print so much I think I'm going to offer it as an "always" product on PennyPeople.com. In the meantime if you'd like one for yourself, they are $15.00 each, personalized with your name & any colour you'd like for your name! :)

Update: I have decided to sell all prints on our Etsy Shop available online at pennypeople.etsy.com Yippeee!

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