Nov. 20, 2008

Holiday Ordering Timelines

(Picture above, my wreath for our front door, waiting to be hanged & 3 days worth of orders, waiting to be shipped!)

We're getting some e-mails asking if orders are going to arrive before Christmas. Since a few e-mails usually means there are others who haven't contacted us and are wondering the same, we thought we'd post this helpful post on order delivery times.

The quick answer is yes - you have TONS of time to order.

We're working overtime to ensure that all orders are shipped within 1 week. Shipping times, however, are dependant on the shipping selection that a client selects when checking out. For all of our US customers, we always recommend Expresspost USA as it will give you tracking. We cannot gaurentee delivery times for any other shipping selection, other than Expresspost. It's really just the best shipping option, and although it may be pricier, it makes us sleep better at night as we know where the order is, at all times

Canadian Orders all receive tracking.

There is no cut off time yet for orders yet so order away. We will post when it's getting into the iffy zone in terms of delivery times.

*The only exception to ALL of this is if you are ordering (a) A custom item or (b) items that require proofs. Although you are well ahead of schedule now to order, these items do take longer a we send you proofs that need approval before printing.

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  1. Wow! Looks like you have been busy!! Hope my wedding invitations are in one of those boxes! can't wait!!


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