Dec. 26, 2008

Free Template: January - Hello Cards

Hello Cards - Free Template

To start off 2009 early, we're announcing something new that we're going to try to do every month on our blog. We're going to post a Free Template for clients to download. Every template will be downloadable for 1 month.

January is usually the start of Wedding Season, and it inspired us to come up with some creative ideas for our Brides & Grooms.

The background behind this template is actually from my wedding back in 2004. At our wedding we gave every guest a card with envelope and asked them to write us a special message that we would open up on our first Wedding Anniversary. On our wedding anniversary my husand and I opened all of the little envelopes and read all of the messages that were written to us. Some brought giggles, others tears - it was something truly amazing as each note brought us back to that fabulous day where we were surrounded by our family and friends.

I can't offer up the little envelopes & cards, but what I can offer our clients is this fabulous little template that we call "Hello Cards". We designed them so that the guest writes their name in the box on the left, and then writes you a special message in the bubble box. You can save the card like we did to open up on your 1 year anniversary, or use this method as an alternative to a guest book.

* Click on this link to download the free template
* The template is a 2 page PDF with 2 colour options

* 4 cards are laid out per page
* Print on your printer, and then either cut with a paper cutter, or go to your local Kinkos where paper cutters are available for use and cut each card out


  1. OHHH! Awesome idea. Thank you! I'm going to use this for a Baby Shower I'm planning - I think it would be sweet to have them for the Mom to keep as a keepsake for when the little one gets older.

  2. Thank you, thank you! I definitely have a use for it. Doing one every month would be awesome.

    Good directions too...

  3. Thank you SO much for this amazing idea!! We're always looking for ways to make our night different and special.

    Do you know where we could buy the correct sized envelopes for these 'Hello Cards'?


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