Dec. 20, 2008

*NEW* We design, You Print Birth Announcements

Birth Announcements

One thing that we've been working on is a way in which our clients can have affordable, yet extremely stylish birth announcements.

Here's what this is. For $25.00 you can order an electronic custom designed Birth Announcement - any of the designs on can be turned into this. With this electronic copy that you purchase you receive (a) Unlimited proofs (b) a Final version designed to either a 4x6 or 5x7 sized announcement - With this final version you upload it to your local photolab, and have them print off the announcements for as little as $0.18 a piece....and even BETTER is that when we've been testing the designs (as I like to do, to make sure we're offering a top quality idea) the prints have been ready in literally 24 hours. So you're getting a custom designed announcement, and in your hands, in a matter of days.

Alternatively, instead of printing the announcement, you can e-mail it out instead of mailing it. This is a wonderful alternative if you really need to get out announcements quickly.

The alternative to this is our Deluxe Birth Announcement Packages which are $190.00 for 100 2 Sided Birth Announcements which include Envelopes, and again, unlimited Design Time. These are extremely popular with our clients - however some clients don't need anywhere near 100 announcements, so this design option is a wonderful in-between option as you can print as little as ONE announcement to as many as 100.

We can provide you with envelopes with this new option, however envelopes will be an additional cost, and we ask that you e-mail us ahead of ordering to let us know how many envelopes you would require, and where the order is shipping to. Alternatively we can tell you what size envelope you should be looking for to fit your photograph announcement.

We're super excited for this new product as one of the last new products of 2008. As 2009 rolls in we're going to be launching a number of new designs, but this was too fabulous not to share right away.


  1. I have to say... that Avery is one adorable baby!

  2. Ahh yes she is!! ;) (Thank you for letting her be my model for all my stuff! Ha)


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