Feb. 27, 2009

Framing your prints


As you may know, I design my prints to fit within Ikea Frames. I have purchased one too many pieces of art from Etsy for my own home, only to have them sit somewhere, unframed, because I can't find a frame it fit it. :(

I adore Ikea frames for two reasons - #1) They are cheap, cheap, cheap and #2) they are SO versatile. You may have seen my blog post about painting my frames, if not, take a peek over here to see what I did to liven up old black frames which were no longer making me happy. Although I've been painting some of my old frames, I'm loving the look of the natural wood frames - they are super trendy and in line with the Mid-Century Modern looks in homes.

I recently went to Ikea to look at their laminate flooring for our new studio and decided to whip out the camera in the frame section for you. :)

Framing this print size: 8x10 Print
What Frame: Ribba 30 x 40 cm
Price of frame: $12.99

Framing this Print Size: 13" x 19" (Large Alphabet Print, Number Print)
What Frame: Ikea Ribba Frame 40 x 50cm
Price of frame: $14.99

Framing this Print Size: 27" x 39" (Supersize Alphabet Print)
What Frame: Ikea Ribba Frame 70 x 100 cm
Price of frame: $29.99


  1. Target also has really great and affordable frames. That is what I've been using because we don't have an Ikea near us.

  2. I so wish there was a Target here in Toronto. :(

  3. Since I can't afford custom frames for all of my favourite prints and photographs, I often use Ikea frames with a custom mat. You can often have a custom mat cut for $10-$20, depending on the size of the frame. It's an attractive and affordable way to get a custom look with an off-the-shelf product. You should try it for all of those Etsy prints that still need a home!


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