Mar. 6, 2009

Customer Photo | Owen's Room


Look at this picture!! Tracey took this picture of her personalized Alphabet print in her son Owen's Room, and I just had to share. How sweet! I just love the vignette - I love the frame that she chose and umm...look at that super cute giraffe!

Tracey runs and amazing photography studio, which I encourage you to check out. I was browsing all of her amazing work last night. (Bower Studio.) Thank you to Tracey for letting me share this picture!


  1. Thank you for the kind words- I LOVE your work as well!!

  2. so cute! I still haven't hung Logan's on the wall, but it is resting like this one on his dresser. Gotta get to that on the weekend!

  3. looks nice on the shelf... That hat is cute too!

  4. beautiful photo! Can't wait to get my print!

  5. I absolutely adore both this print and the numbers print. I don't have any kiddos of my own, but the wheels are turnin'. I'll figure out who to get one for soon enough!

  6. These alphabet prints are fabulous. I got two for my twins and everytime they wake up from a nap they point to them asking which one is which. I'm hoping this will help them to recognize their names. We also had you put their names in their "signature" colours. These were the colours that we used to distinguish them at the beginning since they are identical. Thanks Lindsay!


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