Mar. 30, 2009

Globe & Mail Style Counsel


What a fabulous surprise to get in my inbox this morning one of my favourite e-mails - The Globe & Mail Style Counsels newsletter. It was even better this morning as when I opened it - my Alphabet print was there! Thank you! Here is a screen shot, but below is the super sweet write up that they did.

"Ever rushed to the nearest big box baby store in a panic on the way to a shower and grabbed a few onesies and a generic teddy bear, all the while feeling like a pathetic friend to your new-parent buddies? Why not try something a little more personal, while supporting a Canadian artist and avoiding a toy that could have been made in China.

What a pleasant surprise it is to see what Lindsay Stephenson at Penny People Designs is cooking up. She creates framed alphabet pictures that come with the sweet little one's name atop a colourful jumble of alphabet characters. She'll also do a custom design on a bird print.

The block letters are modern and clean looking for parents who don't want their nursery d├ęcor to get too cutesy, and Stephenson says they'll still be suitable for kids' rooms when they get older. And they're super affordable, along with being sized to fit a number of IKEA frames. Next time a baby shower rolls around, you won't have to hide your gift at the bottom of the pile.

Check out, and expect to spend $15 and up for a small alphabet name print to $25 for a large print, plus shipping costs. -Allison Dunfield"


  1. I don't know why you're so surprised -- your prints are beautiful! Every time I see the print in my son's room, I smile and am thankful to have found your site!!

  2. How very fun!


  3. How cool! One time I went to do my daily reading at and saw a feature from my site. That was such a fun surprise! Doesn't it feel great?


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