Mar. 11, 2009

I went to a high school that had a great number of courses dedicated to the arts. Although the high school wasn't per say an "Arts" school, the amount of courses that they offered was fantastic for someone like me that just engrossed herself in anything creative. So, it shouldn't be surprising that friends that I had in high school would likely also follow creative paths like I did. One friend of mine Tanya, mentioned one day on facebook her Etsy shop. I popped over to her store and was flored at how neat her work was. Ummmm. hello! ? How come I never knew this? I love, love jewellery, and you mix that with my love of birds, and you have me fainting. So I just had to post her work as it's truly inspiring to me.

The first is her amazing Bird Nest Necklace. I am so ordering one right now. This one necklace is available on


The following necklace equally won my heart --- And it's $24.00!
Take a peek at her Etsy store front where you can buy directly if you see something you love.

Sorry, just had to gush. ;)


  1. Wow I LOVE the nest necklace! That is something I could wear everyday easily. So classy!

  2. I went back and looked at some of the links - I love how the eggs for the birds nest necklace come in different colors. Really like the grey one. I'm going to have to add it to my wishlist.

  3. I love that nest necklace! So pretty!

  4. Those are gorgeous necklaces- I've spent the evening hopping around the internet, starting with Ali Edwards- loved the print, came here, found the necklaces, and so forth. Will have to stop and think about what I really want to order. Gorgeous prints btw... I have a little girl who is just learning her numbers and letters, so I do believe I'll have to get something!

  5. I agree... the nest necklace is adorable!

  6. Thanks for posting the link to this lovely necklace. A perfect accessory for easter - I think i'll have to get one :)

  7. i actually already have her as one of my 'favs' on etsy!


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