Apr. 21, 2009

Want to promote your blog/business?

If you are an artists starting out, have your own website or blog, I'm offering up one free month of promotion on our blog...aka free advertising. No catch. It's my way of trying to help promote fellow business owners. Simply e-mail me at info@pennypeople.com with the subject line "Blog Ad submission" and let me know your blog/business/website. Not every submission may make it, only because I had to vet to make sure that the products sold are appropriate for my audience (umm, cough cough...my Mom + Dad read this blog, so no naughty items!) Submissions end this Friday, and I'll even help you design a little blog advertisement. The ONLY rule of this is, is that if we put your ad up for free for a month, you have to pass along a good deed to someone else.

If you're interested in advertising over here, of course, we'd love to have you! E-mail us to inquire, and we'll shoot you some info!

1 comment:

  1. You are so sweet to do this for people! I've definitely seen some traffic come my way since you added my button. :-)


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