Jul. 29, 2009

Lavender love....

It's been quiet on the blog hasn't it? There is a reason - it's super, super busy. The studio renovation is ALMOST done! Yippee! Pictures will be posted when I've moved in. :)

This is a quick post but I just had to share - This bouquet was on my front steps this evening, a little gift from my super awesome friend who lives across the street. It's lavender from her garden, wrapped with a little string.

I've decided that Lavender is now something I will be adding to my garden for it's beautiful, calming scent...Whenever I walk through her garden, you can always smell the lovely herbs - something I hadn't really thought of encorporating when I started landscaping, but after a walk through her garden I have decided to :)

Isn't it nice to get unexpected gifts like this, especially when it's from a garden? I hope all of you are enjoying your gardens this summer! (And go grab some lavender to add to your garden, or to a pot on your porch - it's SOOOOO nice!)


  1. I am really enjoying my vegetable garden this summer! I think lavender would be a fun addition for next year. A little something floral and good smelling to the mix.

  2. I'd love to have a vegetable garden! That's my next project to add. :)

  3. Yes! Unexpected gifts are lovely! ;)


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