Sep. 6, 2009

Cotton Candy, Organ Grinders, Carousels and more!

I'm embarassingly behind on e-mail replies which is stressing me out, but I'm taking comfort in the fact that at the end of the month I'm going to have someone with me in the studio helping me. (Phewh). In an effort to get me de-stressed, my husband literally dragged me out of the house for a date, to go to the CNE. Sometimes it's good to step away for a bit, as you can regroup and tackle projects with a clear brain.

We went to the CNE here in Toronto ....

cne 2

I just adore the simplicity of the red and white stripes on carousels tops. It's like a circus big top!

cne 1
There was this sweet music coming from behind me, and a crowd around a man. Upon further inspection it was an organ grinder, and he had his "monkey". Ha!

Candy Land {framed}

I truly adore the CNE for some fantatsic photographic shots like the ones above from last summer when I went. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling the creative flow as much this time around. Being exhausted, I was quite happy with just taking in the sights, sounds, and the aroma of the cotton candy. It was so sweet looking at all of the little kids winning prize, and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. Oh, and who can forget the candy apples! I hope everyone is enjoying their Labour Day weekend!!

xo Lindsay

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  1. It's great to take a break when you're busy. Sometimes I feel stuck on what I'm working on but when I get a breather I'm fresh again and it just flows.


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