Sep. 28, 2009

New Art Print

You have to see this new print! :)

big deal 2 pink
(Above, New Customizable Art Print)

Ok, so there is a story behind this one. I originally actually designed this print only for me. Here is how it began...

Last year, I had an awesome intern, Elise, join me in my studio. During her stay, there happened to be an article that came out about my husband and I in a local newspaper. When it came out, we rushed to go get the paper and one evening, Elise snapped a photo of me (goofily) holding up the article with the big supersized picture of my husband and I.

When Elise she returned home to New York, she posted pictures from her stay on Facebook and that one picture of me holding up the paper. That picture got the caption..."They're kind of a big deal over there." Oh my god, that caption made me crack up so much. The hilarity of it is infact that we are indeed NOT a big deal.

So, I made up a poster, for myself, that said..."I'm Kind of a Big Deal Around Here." It's funny, because "around here" only consists of me for a good portion of the time.

big deal
(Above, My own personal print, hanging in my studio)

But then I really started loving the saying and though, "How cute for a nursery!" - with the little one's name. Because, children ARE big deals. They are mini bundles of cuteness and joy. And should to feel really special. So I decided to make it up for others, with the option for customizing with a name.

big deal 1 pink
(Above, Print customized with someones name)

And there you have it. The story behind the new print! The name can be customized, or, you can do what I do, and have simply "I'm a Big Deal Around Here." My print gets a lot of giggles when people come over. :)

More colours will be available soon, but I couldn't resits posting this right away.


  1. This is hilarious! Forget the nursery, I want one for myself! Is that so wrong?

  2. Ha! Thanks ladies. I makes me seriously crack up when I look over at it hanging on my wall.


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