Oct. 5, 2009

Love, Love these cards

One thing I do with new products is do some test prints first, to make sure all is well. The new photocards are the simplest tests to run. I simply upload the JPG, like any client would, and wait 24 hours for my local photolab to get them printed for me. I went by Loblaws to pick up my prints and I love, love them.

Opening the package - and voila! A custom holiday card

Hanging in the studio - love it this much!

Remember, It's $25 for us to design a card for you, and then you upload it to your local photolab, like I did, and in DAYS you get your custom cards. I did this kind of design for a few reasons. First of all, I think that everyone should be able to be proud of the cards they send out during the holidays and economics shouldn't play a factor. And even better - have a custom request for a design? No problem. I never charge custom fees for this kind of work. (But e-mail me first to see if I CAN design something)

Here are some benefits to this awesome set up:

(1) No shipping. So you don't have to wait for us to print + package, and ship your order.

(2) You can have 1 printed, or 100. You can order them 2 at a time, or 5. So if Aunt Mildred was forgotten on your holiday list and you ran out of cards, quickly upload the image again and get an extra card printed.

(3) Dont want to mail anything out? You don't have to. Use your custom design to e-mail a custom holiday greeting to friends. Attach your holiday greeting as an image, and voila!

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