Oct. 8, 2009

An obsession...

I'm a sucker for Jewellery. Delicate, or ornate, but the more interesting, the better. :) I inherited a love of sparklies from my Grandmother, who had an extrordinary sense of style, pairing simple outfits, with necklaces that stood out. I'm a jeans and Black, white, or gray shirt girl all the way, but I drool over accessories.


My vanity is always covered with the jewellery that I can pick up on a whim and wear. Last week I bought that beautiful Necklace in the forefront (Gold) that I've been wearing every day since. It's simply stunning - and it's long, which is perfect, because I can't stand things up close to my neck. (I'm the one that insists on buying turtle necks, only to stretch out the neck by pulling it over my chin as I work). I bought the necklace on a whim, and when I opened the lovely package, I was truly delighted - so I thought I'd share!

Refrences: 24K Gold Plated Chalcedony Pendant, Big Chunky Blue Necklace is from Anthropologie, but the exact style is no longer available, but this one is very similar. The pearls in the back were my grocery shopping find from Joe Fresh. (The broach was a present from my husband, so i don't know where it came from.)


  1. Oooh I love the chunky light blue necklace! Lots of pretties!

  2. Loving the broach! Your husband did good!

  3. I just saw the blue necklace in the store (Rockefeller Bldg)


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