Jan. 12, 2010

What's new for 2010

Quick update: We've been experiencing a little issue with incoming e-mail for the past 24 hours to our computer - so responses are a little delayed.

Happy 2010!

With the new year, brings new changes at Penny People Designs. We're busy working on some new colour combinations for our Alphabet Prints, redesigning some of our favourite designs of stationery, and gearing up for an awesome spring time (wishful thinking that spring is closer than it maybe is?) And of course, we're also excited for the upcoming arrival of our first baby in June!

Some people have e-mailed to ask me what my  plans are for when baby arrives come June. It's a bit soon to know what my exact plans are, but I do know that I'll be taking a wee break once the bambino/bambina arrives to enjoy this new chapter in my life called Motherhood. But Penny People will continue on, and I know that our new addition will bring new energy, and inspiration to our designs.

We've been busy making a nursery come to life for our little one, which you can read about over on our home blog. :) Unfortunately with life, and getting our home ready, and running Penny People I've neglected our twitter account. *sigh* We'll get back on track!

If you have any recommendations on new products, feel free to shoot me an e-mail! I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how we can all of a sudden be so very busy and not really even notice?! Very exciting about all of the baby stuff! I'm heading over to your other blog to check out the nursery!


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