Mar. 6, 2010

Updates from the studio - Preparing for baby

As you may have noticed I have been seriously lacking on my end with updates on this blog and twitter. Here I thought I'd be super "mom-to-be" and juggle it all: A growing belly, doing the personalized stationery, the personalized art prints, and updating the blog + twitter. But, it's time for me to announce some changes. Explaining the changes will be a huge relief on my end as I can then focus on doing more fun updates on other things, and you wont be left hanging wondering what's happening on the business side.


As most of you know, there are many components to Penny People. There is the Personalized Stationery (, our Personalized Art prints (sold on Etsy and in-stores) and I also, I do work for corporate clients doing graphic design. There are a lot of elements to the business that happen over here, all which I love equally as much, and keeps my creativity flowing. But, juggling it all started to become difficult. And therefore, in order to keep things simple, I had to make some changes so that I would welcome this baby into a stress free zone. :)

invitation and favour box

First of all, the most major change is that I've scaled back the stationery on But, although you no longer see our awesome stationery on, rest assured, this change is not permanent. It's just taking a wee break.

You see, Penny People stationery is how it all began back in 2004, and the heart of the business. But the stationery is very time intensive because it's so personalized. We do proofs, we work one on one with you to make sure everything is perfect - and in order not to take away from what makes this process so amazing, I decided that I had to scale it back. I've put on hold the stationery until after baby arrives. You can read more about this on where I put up a little note. But I have to stress that although you don't see it offered, it doesn't mean it's gone completely. We're taking this break to rejuvenate the product line, and offer, after the baby comes, some new fresh designs, that I know you will love.

Personalized Alphabet Prints
(Penny People Personalized Art Prints)

Although the stationery side is on hold, our Art Prints are going to be offered until baby comes, and the first thing that reappear after I take a few weeks with baby. So you can still order our personalized art prints, or go into your local store (see here for the stores that carry them) and order your personalized print. :)

And this blog, oh, my blog. My plan is, that now the stationery side of things is on hold, I will focus some energy on this blog.

And so, there you have it! Sorry again for the lack of posts, but it was a difficult decision on when to scale things back. But now that it's been done, we're able to focus on making new designs, doing some fun blog posts and creating our fun Personalized Art Prints. :)


  1. Good for you! It is great to take a break sometimes and you're doing it all for the right reasons.

  2. Glad you're figuring out what you need to prepare for Mommyhood. It's a great ride, and staying safely belted is a good idea. Best wishes!!

  3. Good idea! You TOTALLY need a break, and your loyal Penny People fans will be here when you reopen. I'm hoping you keep up with the blog, as I always love your little updates. - Janine

  4. Good idea! Take the time while you can!!

  5. I love your designs!! Your wall art is fantastic!


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