Oct. 9, 2007

A little secret about creating invitations

Invitations for your event don't have to cost you a bundle - at Penny People Designs we have an alternative to our large invitations, and it's a little secret we thought we'd reveal.

Did you know that our Note Cards ($1.50 each) give you the option to write text on the inside for an additional $0.30 a card? This feature is most commonly used for writting a special greeting, but you can also use this space to write the details to your party!

Here is how:

Step 1: Choose a design that you like on PennyPeople.com such as a character that looks like your little one, or any other design!

Step 2: On the front of the card, write anything you'd like. Some ideas are "You're Invited!" or "We're having a party!"

Step 3: The page will give you the option to "write text inside Note Card". In this box, this is where you will write the details of your event!

Step 4: Thats it! After ordering you will receive a proof, regardless of the design, if the text inside is wording for an invitation.


PROS: Cost - The cost of this invitation are less than our formal invitations. These will cost you $1.80 each ($1.50 for the card + $0.30 for text inside)

CONS: Less customization. The text inside of the greeting card will allow for a font style change, however extra customization is not available.

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