Oct. 18, 2007

New hosting provider - kind of a boring post

This post is for all you techy people like me. For those of you who have been here since the beginning (we just celebrated our three year anniversary!) you will know that we've had some pretty unreliable service on PennyPeople.com over the past year due to our hosting provider Netfirms.com. We fought, and fought to try to get good hosting for our little site, but alas...it wasn't meant to be. Around this time last year our site was crashing A LOT and giving us a lot of sleepless nights. Technology is amazing - if you can control it - but when it's out of your hands - and with a company that wont help - it's pretty brutal. We've swicthed hosting companies and our little website is sooo happy!

So, well, I guess thats the tech update. If you shopped with us last Christmas you would have maybe gotten frustrated, but our Christmas gift to you - and to me, is a new hosting provider, and a fast running website for you.



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