Jun. 10, 2008

We're wild for zebra prints

This card hasn't yet launched, but we had to post it for our blog readers!

I have a thing for zebra prints, and much to the disgust of my mother, I yearn for a zebra print rug (faux obviously) for my living room. Due to cost, and the fear of alienating my Mother, I settled for a fabulous zebra print pillow, which equally disgusts my Mother (well, it's cowhide) but it makes the room oh-so-chic.

When Elise, our fab-u-lous intern started working with us, she immediately proclaimed her love of this beautiful pillow - and I knew the kid was worth keeping. We gabbed over our mutual love of the print, and it made me realize....we didn't have a card to reflect this oh-so-chic design.

And so the designing began. This was a common theme while Elise was here, the animal print. We have tons more designs waiting to be launched, but for now, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of this new design soon to be launched.

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