Jun. 10, 2008

"Who wants to be the next Penny Person!"

We had tons of enteries for our "Who wants to be the next Penny Person" contest and we narrowed it down to our top 5.

We hated picking from all of the SUPER cute enteries, but the top 5 were picked based for a few reasons...

Since we're turning it to you, to pick the next Penny Person, we wanted to make sure that the winners photo was one that would be a new style of design for Penny People. The top 5 were picked because their originality, so if they win, it would be a new design on PennyPeople.com. Some enteries were SOOO cute, but wouldn't be a new'ish design for us to create.

Now it's up to you!

Voting is available on Facebook, in our "Who wants to be a Penny Person" contest page.
Invite your friends to vote! The picture with the most amount of votes, wins!

Voting ends June 30th.

*You must be a member of facebook to vote. To keep things fair with voting, facebook is the most reliable, as we will only be accepting one vote per person.


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