Oct. 2, 2008

Hey - I'm human too!

Bedroom Before & After

You can vote here! Style at Home Makeover Contest

As the post heading goes - I'm human. I enter contests, and I cross my fingers and sometimes my toes. I've taken the leap and entered my bedroom into the Style at Home Makeover contest. Although I'm sure I'll be beat by some glorious (insert light shining down on a fabulous prefessionally renovated home) I'm pretty proud of our uber-cheap transformation from what we had before. And we did it ourselves. I tore down walls, I painted, and helped build a new wall for our his & her closets. So I think the little guy should win sometimes. ;) So now you know what my bedroom looks like. So, I've added it to the list, and I encourage you to vote! (Obviously I'd love it to be for me, but vote for another if you would like - it's for fun!)

More info on the transformation is online at the contest page.

UPDATE: apparently you can vote daily my dear-friends. Oh, how I encourage you to. :)

Ps., The house came with those wall colours. I did not, and I repeat, did not paint those walls that way. The before pictures are taken from when we had just purchased the house.

P.Ps., The Side Tables are inspired by Style At Homes September Issue (page 118) which you can read my instructions on here.


  1. Voted! Love your bedroom and i adore your home posts! Please do more!

  2. Hey Lindsay!
    Thanks for checking out our contest! Did you know that your friends can vote for your entry once a day? I love what you did with your space -- good luck!

  3. Hi Natalie! What a great contest - I think it's so much fun. :) I hadn't realized until today that people could vote twice!! Fingers crossed. ;)


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