Oct. 22, 2008

Folding Invitation Idea

Turn a traditional folding card into an invitation by adding text inside the card. A folding note card is $1.50 per card, and the feature to add text inside is an additional $0.30 per card, making this a fabulously inexpensive, yet sweet invitation for your event.

All you have to do is find a card design that you like, we've shown our new design, the Birdie Folding Note Card as a great idea for a Holiday Invitation.
There is an option on every folding card design to "Add Text Inside Card". Simply write the invitation details you would like inside!

We will send you a proof of your order after it has been submitted.

Why would you do something like this?
Our traditional invitations which are 5.5 x 5.5 inches are larger, and $2.50 each. Sometimes our clients want to mail an invitation for a small event, but want to keep the costs lower - this is a wonderful alternative, so that our clients can invite their guests in style, but maintain a good budget for their event --- and spend more on the food & decor!

Available online at www.PennyPeople.com

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