Oct. 22, 2008

Customizable Character Wedding Invitations

We're relaunching our customizable character wedding invitations due to popular request. The characters on the invitation are customizable - you can change the skin tone, hair colour & hair style to reflect the look of you and your partner! Border colours are also 100% customizable.

$2.50 each, with a minimum of 25 (Yes..25!)
The beauty of this design isn't just the sweet un-conventional look to the invitation, but the quantity that we can offer the minimum at. Many Wedding Invitations require a minimum of 100 simply because of the way that they are printed...we need a certain amount in order to be "able" to print. With our Linen Invitations, however, we're able to offer smaller quantities, which is usually a need for our couples hosting small events.

To view our Wedding Invitations, including the one shown above, you can click here. :)

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