Nov. 29, 2008

Chalkboard Project

chalk board project
Read more about the easy project I did over at Linen Home.

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  1. Honestly, every time I see your posts, I wonder to do you have the time? I think that it must just be a natural thing to you? I can't do this, as hard as I try! Luckily for me, you are there as a business women, that can do these things, because I would never have a card out on time, if it wasn't for your great organization and wonderful creativity! For me, you bring such wonderful ideas in my head to life!

    All the best to you and yours in 2009. The cards were a hit and unfortunately for me (fortunately for you), my husband doesn't tell people I made the cards on my own. I am hoping for many new customers in the years to come for you.



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