Dec. 20, 2008

Candy Cane Bark Tradition

candy cane bark

This is our first Christmas in our house, and we're so lucky to have some pretty amazing neighbours on the street who welcomed us into the neighbourhood so warmly last winter. Last week I whipped up my favourite tradition - Candy Cane Bark, as little gifts for all of our pretty sweet neighbours. I packaged them in simple kraft bags, and put a sticker on the front, and personalized a little note to each recipient.

I was going to type out all of the instructions on how I make mine, but it's a pretty common recipie so here is a link for you to read from.

Here are my variations on the recipe - (a) I add Perpermint Extract into the melted chocolate as I'm melting it by the double boiler method to give it that extra perpermint flavour ... and (b) I don't stir in the candy cane pieces as they mention in their recipe - I sprinkle them ontop of the chocolate after I have spread it out onto a cookie sheet. :)

After the candy cane bark was ready, I packaged them into their own clear celophane bags, and then put them in a kraft bag. The reason for double bagging is that I didn't want any of the chocolate to make "stains" through the bags as possibly cookies would do.


  1. Awesome idea Lindsay... thanks for sharing. I will have to keep this in mind for the holidays next year!

  2. Hi Lauren! I'm so glad it was inspiring! I did another batch and took the candy canes to my cuisenart food processor - it seemed to work better than the hammer-method. :)

  3. This is an amazing idea!! I'm recently unemployed and so finances are tight this year. I decided as I have no DIY skills minus baking I would bake some holiday treats for my nearest and dearest to spread the joy.

    I love the little baggies your treats are in. Did you make those or purchase those somewhere? I don't like those ones they sell in stores - so plasticy and gimicy. I just want something simple and beautiful like those.

    Let me know!


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