Apr. 19, 2009

Creative Ways to Create Invitations


We're known for our super cute invitations, which is why Today's Parent Magazine called our invites "The cutest, most original invitations around" in a recent issue. At $2.50 each, they include unlimited proof time with a designer, they are printed on our traditional linen paper that our customers have loved since 2004, and come with beautiful envelopes. Our characters are customizable, adding that extra wow factor for your invitations. Also, since WE design all of our invitations, it allows you, our customers, to have extra creativity with any design, which we don't charge you extra for. It's our job to make sure you LOVE your invitations, and have something that is truly reflective of your event. As always, we encourage you to e-mail us with any ideas or questions!

For some, if you're hosting an intimate affair, that doesn't call for "traditional" invitations, or perhaps the budget won't allow for the $2.50 invitation cost, we have some cost saving ways to still get a PennyPeople.com invitation, for less of the cost.

(1) Folding Note Card, with Printing on the inside = $1.80 per invitation
Our folding Note Cards are $1.50 each, and all have the option for adding text to the inside of the card for an additional $0.30 per invitation. Above is a picture showing you one of our traditional folding note cards, and on the inside, are details for a party. Voila!! A fabulous invitation!
Included in the $1.80 is the front design, inside design + envelope. To order this style find a note card design that you love and simply type text where is says "text inside note card."

(2) Digital Design Package = Flat Fee of $25.00
For $25.00 we'll design you an invitation to be a 4x6, 5x7" (or specific size that you'd like) and we'll e-mail you this design so that you can either (a) upload the design to your local photolab and have them printed as photos or (b) e-mail the graphic to your friends/family, if you want to skip the mailing process. Click here to see a helpful image about this option.

(3) 5x7 Photo Invitations = $1.99 each
This is the same process as Option #2 above, except we get them printed at OUR local photoshop and mail you envelopes to go with them. So keep in mind that these are still "photographs".


  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I especially love the folding note cards and the digital package is such a good idea. I can definitely see the many ways that can be used for.

  2. Such a pretty card, such a pretty blog! Great ideas, presented in a lovely setting.

  3. I definitely like the idea of emailing the invite graphic out to friends. Sometimes I get too busy to handwrite all the envelopes. It seems with emailing the invites, it's easier to get RSVPs because upon opening the email, friends can easily reply.


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