Apr. 12, 2009

Favour Inspiration


Happy Easter Weekend! I've been off for the weekend, taking a much needed break, getting refreshed before next week. I was at the Bulk Barn buying ingredients for some scones I was going to make, and, well, no trip to the bulk barn is complete without trolling through the candy aisles. :) I stopped in my tracks when I saw THESE adorable balls of cuteness, in Neopolitan Colours. If I were hosting a shower, or knew someone getting married, I would find a way to use these somehow. I picked up a little bag, as I wanted to show you them, as I thought that some of our brides/grooms, or even someone hosting a baby shower may find these inspirational. The Neopolitan colours are always a sure hit for a theme! I put them in one of our favour boxes to show you, however you could get little celophane bags, fill them up, and then and tie them shut with brown, pink, and white ribbons - and make super, super cute favours for your guests!

Enjoy! (Oh, and yes- they taste as good as they look)

Strawberry Balls Of Goodness, found at the Bulk Barn


  1. Looks yummy and very cute in your favour box!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love that colour combo and as it turns out, I'm hosting a bridal shower next weekend! I'm going to head out to bulk barn soon to grab some (and maybe some extra to snack on!)

  3. I love the color combo. I've never heard of bulk barn, must be a Canada thing?

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! Love that colour combo. The candy aisle is a GREAT source of colour inspiration. : )


  5. Sooooo cute!! I picked up some of the delish "balls of cuteness" just today and now I see them here in your great packaging. Too bad I don't have any showers, weddings, etc. coming my way.

  6. I love this colour combo also! It's too bad I didn't see this post before today because I am helping host a baby shower this Sunday!


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