Jun. 14, 2009

Found in the garden....


It was such a super busy week in the studio last week, that I needed to truly take this weekend to re-energize. But I couldn't help but do a blog post about what I found in my garden yesterday - My Peony's were in FULL bloom! I chopped a few stems and brought them into our kitchen where they add so much colour. I am the biggest fan of fresh cut flowers in my home. It's a bit sad that the peony's are so short lived. :(


  1. Wow! My favorite flower. What kind of camera do you use? Beautiful.

  2. So pretty Lindsay! Flowers always make me smile and your post made me smile!

  3. Hi Jennifer - My camera is The Canon Rebel XTI with a EFS 17-85mm lens on it for this shot. I adore, adore the camera.

    Jennifer (stephenson) (aka my little sister)
    Thank you! :) I have some more in the garden, so I'll cut them for you + you can have them for your place! :)

  4. I have heard some many great things about the Canon Rebel. I'm hoping to upgrade to that. It sure would be great having more options for my food pics. That photo of the peony honestly looks perfect enough to frame and hang on the wall. Would be nice in a frilly little girl room!

  5. Beautiful colour! I did a very late transplant of a peony this spring. It took a long time, but this week I was thrilled with two tiny little blossoms! arwenhunter@hotmail.com


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