Jun. 5, 2009

Re-Post - Ikea Hack


The instructions for my Ikea Rast hack are now over at our Home Blog at http://www.aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.com/

Click Here for the direct link to the project!


  1. Love, Love your sidetables, but I have to say...Love, Love, Love that BED! What a gorgeous room.

    It's fun getting to see the creative fun things that you do at home. Now...I'm off to Ikea tomorrow to go buy 2 Rast tables!!!


  2. Hey Lindsay, like the tables - very creative, but what I really love is the headboard - did you make that too?

  3. Diana - the picture snows a small snippit of the full bed, which is actually headboard + base by Crate + Barrel. It's called the Colette Bed.
    My most favourite purchase ever. :-)

  4. You amaze me! I want to replace my bedside tables after reading this post! Would you mind providing the direct link to the bronze knobs? Ive been searching on the site and cannot find them. Thanks so much!

  5. Awww, I'm so delighted that others are inspired!

    The ring pulls are found here:


    I have to measure, but I think it's the middle size that I have on the side tables. I'll double check when I find my tape measure! :)

  6. Super lovely! A high end look with pine, now that's some bang for your buck!

  7. Wow. Your bedroom is spectacular. I want the Collete Bed, and I love the all white linens and gray walls. The hack job is amazing too. You are very talented!

  8. Beautiful! It's obvious that you have a fabulous sense of style. Wanna come decorate my house? I wish we had an Ikea near us!

  9. Ok, so here is the low down on the stain. I had to call our flooring guy who did our floors when we did the reno. (I used the leftover stain from him)as I couldn't find the tin we used for the project. He got back to me and here is the info:

    Basic info - The colour we used was Antique Brown made by Duraseal.

    Scott our flooring guy says that Duraseal is not sold in big box stores - but that the same company makes "Minwax" and small tins of Antique Brown MAY be available in the Minwax brand at Home Depot etc.

    He said the only way he knows of to Antique Brown for sure would be to buy the Duraseal stuff from a specialty store.

    I hope this helps!


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