Jun. 4, 2009

Studio Inspiration


This upcoming fall will be an exciting start to the Holiday Season as the much anticipated studio renovation will be complete! To illustrate how excited and in need I am for the new space, I've been packing boxes for the last 2 months waiting to be moved into the new space. ;) I'm starting to see walls, and I'm able to start picturing how it will be laid out. I'm sooo excited!

I've been collecting inspirational pictures along the way, mostly in magazines but some from random places on the internet. Above are some of my inspirational pictures - keep in mind, I have a HUGE binder beside me with more pictures, but these are a nice tiny sampling. :)

*Photo credits - If you know the source of any of the pictures please post or let me know! I've collected inspirational pictures of the rooms I adore, and unfortunately in the past, didn't document their original location.


  1. Love the lamp and yellowish chairs in the photo with the brick walls. Also love the curtains in the last photo.

  2. i love them all. i would be very happy with any of them! can't wait to see your new space. :)

  3. They all seem so tranquil! My home office is currently under construction and I am dreaming of my new space too!


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