Jul. 8, 2009

Garden Blooms

Just a little post of what's blooming in my garden!

Last summer was our first summer having a backyard, and lots of planting happened. Some plants were brought in late in the summer last year so I never saw their whole cycle, which I'm enjoying this summer emmensely. I thought you may like to see some of these!

garden pictures

Apparently the Serviceberries are edible, and I think that they may be the same things as Saskatoon Berries that my Mom used to pick + eat as a child (She grew up in Saskatoon). I tried a berry and it was good, but tiny. So I decided to leave them for the birds - as apparently Serviceberries are favoured by Robins. (And 6 Robins were out there yesterday munching on them!)


  1. Beautiful! I just love hydrangeas. Blue are my favorite, but our soil isn't acidic enough for blue (unless you plant them in pots and adjust the pH).

  2. One of my favourite flowers, someone down the street (or around here) had beautiful blue hydrangeas in front planters - they were stunning!

    I'm the type, however, that just likes them green. I wish they'd stay green, opposed to turning white. Alas, nature is nature. :)

  3. its my dream to have hydrangeas in front yard- amazing!

  4. Beautiful hydrangeas. My favourite flower. My parents live in Cape Cod where everyone has hydrangeas in their yard. Love them so much! You have a beautiful garden!!


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