Jul. 9, 2009

Some new Etsy Faves

I have been collecting some Etsy sellers in my favourite list, and here are some of my new faves!


Don't you LOVE, that bag!? I'm this close to buying it, but I'm trying to save my pennies. I have to slap myself on the hand when I go to close to the "Buy Now" button. I wanted to share the bag with you, as I'm hoping she finds a good home. :)

And the others, oh how I love thee. I already down a Globe Piggy bank which you may have seen in some product shots I've done, and people have asked where I got it (Ebay) but I've found some online at Etsy recently, so take a peek over there!

Globe ,
Kiss + Hug Needlepoint Kit(s) - I only wish she sold them already made!
The Weekender Tote,
Green Earings


  1. Very cute bag! Good for you for resisting the urge to splurge! It's so hard when you see something you want, but don't need...trust me, I know. Last summer a friend teased me a lot that online shopping was my "hobby."

  2. Yes, I don't think my better half would appreciate a new bag coming into the house when it's apparent when you open up my closet, that I don't have a lack of bags. :)

    I laughed out loud at what your friend said your hobby was. I call it economic stimulous and it's good for others. :) (That didn't fly with the better half either)



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