Aug. 18, 2009

{Star Gazing}


Hello everyone! Week 1 of the holiday was wonderful - it was spent stargazing at our cottage, (Lots of shooting star action!) and reading lots of old paperback novels - you know the ones that collect on the bookshelves at the cottage, have dog ears, and smell ... well ... perfect. :) Now we're into week 2, and this is a work week as we're finishing the studio and fingers crossed, we'll be moved in by the start of next week.

I thought I would post this picture that I took from the cottage of all of us on the point, overlooking the lake. Although you may not be able to make us out, what I wanted you to see was the sky. Look at all of the stars that you can see, when you head out of the city. I'll be back next week, I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of their summer!


  1. Gorgeous photo!! How remarkable & beautiful our earth is.

    Love the hippo too!!

  2. just found your website and etsy shop ... i LOVE your name posters. once baby comes i am ordering one ... wonderful piece of work! keep up the great work.


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