Aug. 4, 2009

hippo happiness

I just had to post this hilarious picture of something that makes me giggle in the kitchen. As you've probaly guessed, I have a thing for whimsical, cute things, but I owe it to my husband for finding this one. It's a little hippo sugar container that we found at the dollar store.

Taken out of context of the dollarama, this hippo is pretty darn fantastic, and he's travelled with us from the apartment, to the house. I picked some roses from the garden and hippo, who was fresh out of the dishwasher, looked like the perfect rose holder. I need to go back to the dollar store to peruse the dishware aisle - It's surprising what one can find for $1.00. :)


  1. he's sooooooo adorable! And the garden roses are to die for...thanks for the smile.

  2. I love it! that's really adorable. And you know what? Jonathan Adler would probably sell that for about $95. Props to your husband!

  3. She's adorable...more so with the flowers on her head! Bang for your buck!


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